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Glass Bot QuarterMaster - Report from the Field

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Nissan Report.

I've been throwing myself at these models with the QuarterMaster, using wire and a variety of different strength and strand count filaments (300 to over 400 lbs bs) and the adhesive system on these parts are not cooperative. I've spend some hours trying different angles and set ups, no joy. 


My intent is to identify those models that are not suited for using the QuarterMaster so you don't have to experience the difficulty. 

At this point I would suggest a alternate method of removal on Nissan quarter glass parts, use a different tool method. 

Fixed Glass Removal - Tensioning Devices

Following up on my Sept., 16th article “Fixed Glass Removal using Braided Filament Friend or Foe”, I thought I might drop back a bit and explain a bit about the trend in using tensioning or winding devices for fixed glass removal.First, let me explain why the trend is moving in this direction, damage. Over the [...]

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Glass Bot® Theft - Wisconsin

One of my best customers had one of his Glass Bots taken from his work vehicle in Wisconsin. It is very rare for a Glass Bot to come on the used tool market so if you hear of one for sale, please contact me.Rick

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Fixed Glass Removal Using Braided Filament - Friend or Foe?

The aftermarket glass replacement industry is in a state of change. Glass removal has always been a labor- intensive job and the tools used during this process ranged from simple curved knife blades to 36-volt sawsalls with 4” wide blades.Long ago (1985) a gentleman in Europe developed a tool that tensions a wire and pulls it through the adhesive. [...]

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Encouraging Innovation

As a Product Manager you keep your eye open for innovation. Up until recently I have only been managing my product line but came across this new product that an auto glass technician developed. Designed to reduce the weight of large windshields, it utilizes a series of rollers to guide the glass into place. This [...]

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Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Best New Product for 2016

Yep, we won! Glass Bot Bonded Glass Removal Systems to the prize for best of show. Tell your customers.Nelson Glass Tools, developer and manufacturer of bonded glass removal systems, today announced that its Glass Bot™ Bonded Glass Removal System won a New Products Showcase Award from SEMA, the Specialty Equipment Market Association, at the 2015 SEMA Show in [...]

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Online Abandoned Shopping Cart Software

I just added software to my online storefront that monitors abandoned carts.On the off chance you are unfamiliar with this term, when a customer places an item in a shopping cart then leaves your store without making the purchase, your chances of loosing this sale are huge.I just loaded this last week and already capitalized [...]

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​Investing in Your Business

I’ve been in AGR marketing for over 30 years and if I can say one thing it is that only about 30% of shop owners / technicians are actively improving their businesses by keeping abreast of current trends in auto glass design and the demands of matching your adhesives, tools and techniques to the job. These are the same [...]

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Wire Tools and VIN Plates

With the surge in wire tools in the market it was just a matter of time before users came across some serious issues if and when they didn't pay attention to the instructions.Wire tools and wire in general can damage a vehicle, and in some cases, cost you a dear sum of money to repair. [...]

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Our new storefront

Well, how do you like the look of our new storefront? We like it and hope you do as well. Please contact us if you don't find what you are looking for or if you have any questions. Rick> Blog.

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