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Wire Tools and VIN Plates

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With the surge in wire tools in the market it was just a matter of time before users came across some serious issues if and when they didn't pay attention to the instructions.

Wire tools and wire in general can damage a vehicle, and in some cases, cost you a dear sum of money to repair. I quote from a post on AGRR's forum pages:

"I've heard of this happening, but never seen it before. I got a call from one of my body shop customers yesterday about a Nissan he took in where another company which shall remain nameless had cut through the lower pinch weld, dash, and vin plate. The DOT had to come in and file a report, it will take 4 to 6 months to get a replacement vin tag and the vehicle cannot be returned to service until vin tag is in place. The company responsible has to put the vehicle owner in to a rental until all necessary repairs have been completed."


One of the reasons we developed the Glass Bot™ with the remote controller. Working from the outside of the vehicle places you in the best position for monitoring the removal process. 

We also provide two Protection Sheets and recommend they be used at all times for a few reasons. One, to protect the VIN Plate and to transition the wire over the body seams. Two, to prevent the wire or string from contacting the painted surface of the pinchweld or catch on weld burrs that can break the wire or string.

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