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AutoGlassbot™ Cutting Elements

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We offer different Cutting Elements for the AutoGlassbot™ System, wire and "wireless".

Our FlexCut is imported stainless steel square wire from Germany. It has very high strength, just a small amount of elongation and winds very nice on our machine.

Expect to see more of the product below and less of the wire above. The market is moving to "wireless" removals. Less chance of damage.

Our Cutting Elements are a very high molecular density form of polyethylene. Like other synthetic materials, it is made in other forms beside long flexible line. Like bullet-proof vests! Polyethylene, by the way, is the most widely used plastic on the planet. Think 'plastic bags'. The very long chains of molecules are aligned which gives the material its very low stretch and high strength. In fact, the strength-to-weight ratio is more than 10 times better than steel. It actually stresses the adhesive to failure rather than cutting it. 

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